We provide three levels of grooming service, Bronze, Silver and Gold Services

Additional services include:
Specialist colour enriching or designer shampoo
Tear-stain removal
Flea treatment (with consent)
Tick removal
Severe de-matting by hand brushing (if feasible)
Severe de-matting / full coat removal by clipping
Anal gland expression (if requested)

* Special note on de-matting. If you know your dog is severely matted please make us aware of his at the time of booking your appointment, as this process can be time consuming.

About some of our services
Hydrobath is a combination bathtub and power bather that uses a specially designed recirculation pump. This pump produces a high volume mix of water and shampoo delivered powerfully enough to penetrate the thickest coats, yet gently enough to massage the skin. Regular bathing in the hydrobath, removes dead skin cells and assists with the control of parasites, leaving your dog with an improved skin, healthier coat, aids blood circulation, relieves tired mussels, as well feeling fresher and pampered.

Turbo drying is a high air velocity drying system, which enables us to fully open up the coat, and to blow out dead hair / dander from your dog’s undercoat while at the same time enhancing blood circulation. The removal of dander reduces airbourne elements in the home that may cause allergies, and helps to promote a better living environment for you and your pet.

Consultation / health check an initial assessment of the coat and skin is carried out and discussed prior to starting the grooming process, and any details recorded on your individual record card.

Shampoo using ph balanced natural ingredients. We also offer soothing shampoos for sensitive skins if required, along with a range of designer brand shampoos.

Handstripping (charged at £17.50/hour – minimum appointment 2 hours.) This is the removal of dead hair by hand rather than by the use of clippers. Accordingly it is a time consuming process but this is the preferred method for wire-haired dog breeds, and causes little or no discomfort to the dog.

Flea treatment (if requested)
Anal glands (if requested)
Finishing / cologne spray (optional)

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