Q: Do I need to provide anything or prepare in any way?
A: We bring everything with us that we will need including the warm water. Although, if you could provide us with access to an electricity point, that’s all we need to get started. Also, a level place to park would be helpful. Could you please ensure your dog has been fed, watered and toileted before grooming commences.

Q: What if at my chosen location I can’t provide you with electricity?
A: No problem, we carry an onboard generator and can power our equipment in this way. Although, there is an additional charge to cover the running costs.

Q: Can I stay with my Dog?
A: You can if you wish, although we would prefer being left to get on with the task. Having the owner around can lead to the dog being excitable, and so lengthen the time required to complete the grooming process. However, if you have a nervous dog and it would calm the dog having you around, we will ensure you can be on hand.

Q: How long does grooming session take?
A: Depends on the service being provided but please allow approximately two to three hours for a “gold” groom.

Q: Do you do show-clips?
A: Yes, but not as part of the standard services offered. These take longer and need to be booked in advance, quotations are provided on request. In certain circumstances we may be able to offer a national award winning groomer to provide this service, (please enquire.)

Q: Will my dog be safe?
A: Yes, we carry restraints and leads and never leave the dog unattended. The bath has a safety door and is deep enough to prevent escape.

Q: Can you cope with large breeds or heavy dogs?
A: At the time of booking we enquire as to the breed of dog to be groomed. If it happens to be a large dog, we may bring a helper with us to assist. We have a large on-board hydrobath that fits most dogs, and our water tank will supply an adequate amount of hot water.

Q: Can you deal with aggressive or difficult dogs?
A: Occasionally we come across a dog that dislikes handling or standing for the length of time required, in these instances some can become anxious or aggressive. Accordingly, we carry muzzles to protect the dog from causing damaging himself, and also the groomer. These occasions are rare and being a mobile service only one dog at once is groomed in the van, so helping to keep the dog calm. However, if a dog is too aggressive or simply very unhappy about being groomed, we will discontinue the grooming and will return it to the owner.

Q: When should my dog be groomed?
A: Depends on the growth-rate of the coat but most breeds will need trimming at least every 6 weeks. The weather can affect a dog’s coat and you may find it grows quickly in the summer, and may need more washing and tidying in the winter.

Q: How can I maintain the appearance?
A: Keeping the coat matt-free with regular brushing and combing is essential. A regular professional groom will keep the dogs coat in a good shape, and texture for its entire life. We carry a range of specialist brushes and combs in the van which are for sale, for you to use in between professional grooming sessions.

Q: What is “matting” and how do I get rid of it?
A: These are knots and clumps of hair that you can’t run a comb through. Matting can be uncomfortable for the dog, cause itching, skin irritations, collect dirt and parasites and become tighter and worse when wet. The best treatment for severe matting is to clip the coat short. However, most matting can be removed by careful brushing when the coat is dry and with the use of a de-matting tool, although brushing alone can be a time consuming process. Matting removal can hurt the dog and professional removal is recommended.

Q: Can you groom more than one dog at a time?
A: No. But we take appointments for more than one dog at one address and will groom one after the other. There are discounted rates for this service.

Q: Where does the water come from on your van?
A: We have a large, heated water tank sufficient for 6 to 8 medium sized dogs per day. It is re-filled and heated each morning.

Q: Do you use fresh, clean water for shampooing?
A: Yes, the hydrobath contains a sophisticated pump and filtration system that cleanses and recirculates the water for each dog. Each dog will have fresh, clean, heated water for its bath time shampoo and rinse.

Q: Where does the water go after shampooing?
A: We are one of only a few mobile grooming companies that takes away the used water, which is collected in our on board waste-water tank, so leaving your driveway unstained.

Q: Do you use fresh towels for each dog?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you disinfect after each dog?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you treat for fleas?
A: Yes, but only at your specific request. We have available a preventative, anti-flea shampoo which reduces inflammation from bites and the scratching that goes with them. We can also apply flea repellent drops post-groom to prevent re-infestation.

Q: What shampoo and grooming products do you use?
A: If your dog has a skin condition and a prescription shampoo, please provide this for us to use. We use only superior products that are made from natural ingredients, tearless, hypoallergenic and tested to the highest standards. We also carry medicated, moisture-rich and deodorising shampoos and conditioners at all times. As a precautionary measure, we only apply cologne or perfumed grooming spray if requested.

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